Adopting a pet is an exciting and satisfying event. Many animals in shelters would make wonderful pets, providing companionship, fun, and loyal affection. However, adopting a pet is also a serious decision that needs careful consideration before you take the leap. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Naples, FL, we help adopted pets get off to a healthy start.


Are You Ready To Commit to Pet Adoption?

Taking on the care of a new pet requires a commitment of time and energy to ensure the animal is happy and healthy. Make sure your work schedule or family demands are not so heavy that you will be unable to provide the best care for your pet. Adopting a pet is also a financial commitment, so you should make sure your budget can accommodate the food and veterinary care the animal will need.

Pet-Proofing Your Home

You must also make sure your home is safe for your pet. Store any household chemicals carefully away on shelves or in cabinets. Tuck away any dangling electrical cords. Make sure your garbage containers have secure tops. Look for and fill in any small gaps in the walls or behind your appliances. Remove any houseplants that could be a poisoning hazard. Store away your sewing kits, small craft items, and children’s toys. Make sure any medications are stored carefully in cabinets.

Choosing Your Pet

Choosing the right pet takes a considerable amount of thought. You may not have room in your living quarters for a large dog, or you may not be able to provide the exercise needed for a high-energy pet. A smaller pet or less active one may be the best for you. It is important to be realistic in your self-assessment.

A Period of Adjustment

Most shelters provide vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering. However, you should always make an appointment with a veterinarian to have your new pet examined to ensure it is in good health. Clear your calendar to allow some time to get to know your new pet. Don’t expect it to feel completely at home in just a day or two. If you have other pets, introduce the new pet gradually, over a period of time. Teach any children in the household the proper way to hold and care for the new pet.

Make All Creatures Animal Hospital Your Vet in Naples, FL

Dr. Holladay and our staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing quality care for all of our patients. We offer vaccinations, surgeries, wellness care, dental care, microchipping, and nutritional counseling. Call All Creatures Animal Hospital today at (239) 598-4545 to schedule an examination for your new pet. We will make sure your new furry friend gets a great start at a happy and healthy life.

for an appointment to have your newly adopted pet examined to start them off to a lifetime of good health. 


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