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Our Animal Doctor in Naples Stresses the Importance of Pet Dental Care

A pet's dental health is very important to his overall health. Many health problems can result from poor dental care, which can cause health complications in other parts of an animal's body. It is important to try to do all that you can at your home to take care of your pet's teeth. Try to regularly brush your animal’s teeth and talk to a veterinarian like Dr. Lynn Holladay at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Naples about products that are on the market to help with pet dental care. Not all products work well, but our vet team would be happy to make recommendations.

Pet Dental

When to Bring Your Pet To Our Animal Doctor

It is important to have your pet's teeth checked at least once a year by a veterinarian. Bring him in sooner if you notice him developing any symptoms of a dental condition, such as pain, bleeding, or swelling in the mouth, broken or discolored teeth, reduced appetite, extra teeth, or abnormal drooling or chewing.

Pet Dental Care From Our Pet Doctor in Naples

Our veterinarian and vet technicians utilize general anesthesia to ensure pets remain still and comfortable during dental cleanings and other procedures. This allows for a thorough examination, the chance to take x-rays to see below the gum line, the opportunity to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar, and polish the animal's teeth.

There are many different kinds of dental problems treated by veterinarians. As with all types of health care for humans and animals alike, the sooner problems are found, the better. These issues include periodontal disease, tumors or cysts in the mouth, a broken jaw, misalignment of the teeth, abscessed or infected teeth, palate defects, and broken teeth. If your pet begins behaving strangely, it is always a good idea to get him into our animal hospital and have him checked out. Your pet could be suffering from any one of the above problems or something even more serious. Always be careful when trying to look in your pet's mouth, as he may bite. Our veterinarian and staff have the experience and tools necessary to make all dental examinations and procedures safe for everyone involved, including your pet.

Reach Out to Our Pet Doctor Today

If you live in or around Naples, make an appointment for a pet dental cleaning.  Here at All Creatures Animal Hospital, Dr. Holladay and the rest of our vet staff all look forward to helping take care of your pet. Give us a call at 239-598-4545 to schedule an appointment today.


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