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Ask Our Veterinarian In Naples About Pet Dental Care

Pet owners in Naples need to understand how crucial it is to provide dental care for their animals. The better you know about the necessity of comprehensive dental care for your pet, the greater the chances are of having a healthy animal. All Creatures Animal Hospital offers a wide range of dental services for pets throughout the years. Below are just a few of the reasons pet dental care from our veterinarian is important to your animal's long-term health.


Why is Pet Dental Care so Important?

Believe it or not, it’s not all about avoiding bad breath. That’s only a tiny portion of why dental care for pets is so important. Dental diseases can do a lot of damage to your pet’s body, including:

  • Damaging major organs like the kidneys and the heart
  • Causing heart disease
  • Facilitating chronic inflammation
  • Leading to unnecessary and preventable pain
  • Causing tooth loss
  • Causing bleeding gums and sore mouth
  • Having a difficult time eating, which leads to poor nutrition

Humans require routine dental care to remain healthy. It should be understood that your pet will require some degree of care and maintenance to improve his dental health as well.

How Can You Get Started?

Providing proper dental care for your animal begins with scheduling teeth cleaning visits with our pet doctor. However, it doesn’t end there though. Owners must also take the time to brush their pets’ teeth at home. The sooner owners begin doing this, the better it is for their animals. While our veterinarian can help you learn the basic procedure for brushing your pet’s teeth, it will be up to you to follow up. Also, make sure you use a toothpaste that is safe for your animal. Our vet can recommend good options that are available locally.

The other thing our vet may recommend to promote better overall dental health is the use of dental toys and treats. These items will help to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth while he plays.

See Our Pet Doctor For A Dental Cleaning To Ensure Healthy Teeth And Gums Of Your Animal

Are you still concerned about the state of your furry animal’s dental health? Stop wondering and schedule your pet’s appointment with a qualified Naples animal doctor at All Creatures Animal Hospital today. Book one on our website or call our team at 239-598-4545.

Remember to visit us during Pet Dental Health Month in February.


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