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Quality Pet Surgery at All Creatures Hospital

Pet surgeries can be stressful for both you and your pet. Whether the procedure is routine or an emergency, pet surgeries can be difficult to handle. At All Creatures Hospital in Naples, we know how important your pet is to you. That is why our animal doctor is ready to provide the best quality of surgery your pet may need. We offer various surgical procedures, including dental, spay and neuter, and more.


Spay and Neuter

Spaying (for females) or neutering (for males) means removing all or part of an animal's reproductive organs. This can be performed as a routine surgery or laparoscopically at our clinic.  In females, this means removing the ovaries as well. Spayed females will also not go into heat and attract unwanted males. Neutering or spaying your pet early is the best way to get the maximum benefit. That means before the pet has gone through her first heat cycle. Our pet doctor recommends spaying or neutering your pet around six months of age.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes our pets can have an issue with one or several teeth.  This can be for several reasons. Teeth can become infected, which quickly causes the infection to spread to other teeth, tissue, or bone. Infections in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream, which can pose even more dangerous health concerns. Sometimes pets break or damage a tooth, making it painful for your pet to eat. Broken, diseased, or damaged teeth must be extracted to help ease your pet's discomfort or to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.  

Common Pet Emergencies

Common pet emergencies that require surgery usually involve being hit by a car or accidents similar to that. Your pet might have broken bones or internal injuries that we will need to fix right away. Animal attacks might also require surgery, depending on the severity. A pet may need surgery for a mass that forms on his or her body. The mass could be benign or could be cancerous. That's why it is essential to remove the mass regardless. If a pet swallows a foreign object, his or her digestive system could become blocked and need surgery to remove it.

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Contact our team to see how we can help your pet stay happy and healthy. Our staff at All Creatures Hospital in Naples has the experience and knowledge to provide your pet with the latest surgical techniques for the best quality of treatment during and after your pet's surgery. Contact us today to see how our veterinarian can help your pet live a happy and healthy life. 


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