Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at All Creatures Hospital

Sometimes, pets need surgery to optimize their health and to manage certain veterinary disorders. Our veterinarian provides these procedures with the greatest of care to ensure a good outcome. At All Creatures Hospital in Naples, we offer various surgical procedures for pets.


Spay and Neuter

Spaying (for females) or neutering (for males) means removing all or part of an animal's reproductive organs. This can be performed as a routine surgery at our clinic.  In females, this means removing the ovaries as well. Spayed females will also not go into heat and attract unwanted males. Our veterinarian will recommend the appropriate time for spaying or neutering, specific to your dog or cat.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes our pets can have an issue with one or several teeth.  This can be for several reasons. Teeth can become infected, which quickly causes the infection to spread to other teeth, tissue, or bone. Infections in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream, which can pose even more dangerous health concerns. Sometimes pets break or damage a tooth, making it painful for your pet to eat. Broken, diseased, or damaged teeth must be extracted to help ease your pet's discomfort or to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.  

Growth Removals

Pets may develop growths on the face or body that can be unsightly and may signal the start of a malignant tumor. Our pet doctor can remove these growths and determine if they are benign or malignant. If additional treatment is required, our vet can advise you on options for care.


Pets often develop hard stones in their urinary systems that can cause pain and problems with normal function. A cystotomy is a procedure that opens up the bladder or other part of the urinary system to remove these stones. The procedure has few complications and is generally provides a successful outcome.

Common Pet Emergencies

Common pet emergencies that require surgery usually involve being hit by a car or accidents similar to that. Your pet might have broken bones or internal injuries that we will need to fix right away. Animal attacks might also require surgery, depending on the severity. If a pet swallows a foreign object, his or her digestive system could become blocked and need surgery to remove it right away.

Contact Us for Pet Surgery from Our Animal Doctor in Naples

Our veterinarian and staff at All Creatures Hospital work hard to provide the highest quality care for patients in Naples and other nearby communities. We offer many veterinary services for our patients, including vaccinations, parasite prevention, teeth cleanings, and diagnostics wellness. Contact us at All Creatures Hospital today to learn about the pet surgery procedures we offer to keep animals healthy and active.


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